"You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win."

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Affiliate marketing is a renowned business model used by many internet marketers because it has low entry barriers. Essentially, affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing where a merchant pays a commission to other affiliates (also known as publishers) for bringing new business to their website. Since it is performance based, the members are only paid when their efforts bear fruit in terms of transactions.



How affiliate marketing work


Each publisher is given a unique affiliate link. They must, therefore, sign up for a merchant’s affiliate program so that they get the link. Note that an affiliate can be a site that is related to the merchant’s industry or an independent blogger. The affiliate gets visitors to click on the link by mentioning the dealer on their websites. When the customer clicks the link to take action or purchase a product, a signal is triggered at the merchant’s end. If the client buys the product or does as instructed, the affiliate gets paid on a percentage of the sale.


Sometimes, a visitor may leave the affiliate’s website without buying or performing the instructed action. In such a case, the affiliate would still get his share if the client comes back because a cookie will already have been placed on the customer’s computer during the initial visit. The merchant finds the affiliate cookie belonging to the publisher and credits him for the sale.




How do you become a successful affiliate marketer? Here are a few tips.


Choose your merchants wisely, Most affiliate marketers think that going for the best paying merchant is the best thing to do. A merchant might offer you a good pay, but their products don't sell because they have a bad reputation, or simply, their products are substandard. Instead of going for those who pay the highest commission, consider selecting those that have a good reputation and quality products.


Create killer and original content


Competition is stiff out there. To get the most out of your gig, you must create original and creative content that your competitors can’t. You have to prove your value as a middleman in the value chain of the products you are promoting. Strive at creating top-notch content and responding swiftly to help you stay ahead of your competitors.


Diversify your traffic sources


This world keeps on changing and so should you. If you don’t own your audience, then consider renting it from multiple and reliable sources. A lot of affiliates have gone out of business because of relying on one source. For example, in 2011, Google released its initial Panda update which resulted in being a big blow to many affiliates. The same occurred in 2012 when it launched the Penguin update.


Don’t overcrowd your site


Filling your site with countless rows or pages of banners does not translate into increased income. An overly full website is ugly and sends a negative image to your clients because it’s a sign of lack of organizational skills. Let your banners have their place without having to overcrowd them.


The product versus site’s relevance


For you to be a successful affiliate marketer, the content of the website you are promoting from should be relevant to the product you are dealing with. This will not only prevent confusion but also increase the number of clicks and sales.  Affiliate marketing can help you make truckloads of money online if you do it right. Follow these simple tips and you will be good to go.